Mental health is your health! Our brain and body are connected, and the wellness of each affects the other. Physical fitness and mental fitness together lead to a best-lived life. Here are some strategies to help live your life fully.

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It’s good to talk about mental health struggles; we all have them. It could mean talking with a friend or family member, or with your doctor or a counselor. It’s OK to not always feel OK. But if it becomes too much it’s time to seek help. See resources →

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Healthy sleep is critical for your body and mind. If you have things on your mind that are keeping you awake, try writing them down before bed. Put down your phone and stop looking at screens an hour before bedtime. Try reading a book in bed until you feel sleepy. 

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A healthy diet is good for your body and mind. Try to eat a well-balanced diet. Introduce more fruit and vegetables (especially vegetables). Try to avoid pre-packaged and processed foods. A glass of water every couple of hours works wonders! See more ideas →

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Practice mindfulness

A short period of calm can change your whole day. It might come from mindfulness, meditation or prayer, but finding time to step away from the business of daily life can strengthen your brain to cope better with stress.

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It can be a challenge to fit a regular exercise plan into your life. But it is so worth it! Regular exercise will help your body and your mind. You’ll move better and you’ll feel better. See more ideas →

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Stay in touch with friends and family– in person or virtually. Find time to share feelings and make time do things together. Remember the good times and experiences. Make some new memories. Enjoy the world with others!